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Removing pictures from Photo Album sticky pages

Everybody has them.  Those photo albums with the  thin piece of film over a sticky page.  The photos would stick nicely and you could even write something on the page, all protected by that thin filmy page.   That was 20 + years ago.   

Unfortunately those pristine pages have turned into brown fading messes. Current Photo Album project
Don’t worry, there are several options for preserving  these photos. 

First decide what shape the album and photos are in.  Maybe they will fall off the page!!  if not, how faded or damaged are the pictures ……. 
If you choose to try to remove the photos from that gummy page make sure you have the proper tools and have researched the various techniques.  Helpful tools are Dental Floss or a thin dental spatul.

Don’t forget to add a sticky note to the photos with any information you find written on the  pages. This can be attached to the digital image as metadata.

Remember to use gloves! Oils and dirt from your hands can cause further damage to the photos.

Be slow and careful as you try to remove the photo.  It’s better to leave it on the page and not tear or destroy the photo.

Here are some links to help with removing those sticky photos.

Tips for SafelyRemovingPhotosFromMagnetic “Sticky” PhotoAlbums 
Smithsonian Institution Archives 

If you are having trouble or the photos are not strong enough to survive that removal process then contact DYA and let us know your needs.  We can  digitize the whole page and separate the photos digitally.

Other problems: 
Photos glued to black page photo album 

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